vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012

Happy Birthday, little Andrew!

I know it doesn't seem a great post, but is 4 me! Andrew is my nephew [ my cousin son ] . Since he was born i observed that he is special for me. Has 5 years old. Recently it was his birthday! What is interesting ... He chooses his outfit, without help! And little Andrew has a beautiful smile! 

Happy Birthday, little Andrew! Kisses, Nicღle!

duminică, 1 ianuarie 2012

Happy new year !!!

This is begining of a new year! 


[ I took some pictures for you. For me it was a great night with my friends and my sister! ]   
   Kisses, Nicღle.

vineri, 30 decembrie 2011


Hi everyone!
I spent these last few days at my parents countryside home. 
It was very cold so I preferred to read, play with my cat and sleep.

 I was in the mood for wearing something comfortable and warm, so I didn’t really think about the appearance. Basically I just layered every cloth I had there with me!

                                [ A wonderful view]

                                                     [ lazy cat :)) ]

                                                   [The book that I finish it - ENDYMUIN SPRING - ]

                                                                   [my comfortable and warm cloth]  
  I hope you like! Kisses, Nicღle

luni, 26 decembrie 2011


So many things have happened!! I have many things to share ...

Today I make a promise that I will post something at least one every two days.

 Show you some pictures better!

Peaceful and relaxing christmas day to all of you! 

luni, 31 octombrie 2011


Hi! I'm sorry that "I disappeared" for a while!
I was a bit busy with everything happening around me.
Saturday I visited my sister and I went to the botanical garden.As I said I love autumn! And I enjoyed every moment!
I'll show you some pictures!
Kisses, Nicღle!

miercuri, 5 octombrie 2011

Like a fairytale!

What have I done in all that time?

Well in September I attended my cousin's wedding, as bridesmaids!
Here in Romania wedding go on a full day! It is very tiring but beautiful!
All I want to say is it was very nice!

And they were gorgeous!
It looked like a fairytale!
Better not say more but I will show you some pictures!
What do you think?

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

I'm back!

 Sorry I have not posted anything But I was busy with school, family and friends !
Today I went with some friends to walk, here is very cold. Autumn came from all points of view!