miercuri, 24 august 2011

My first guitar !

        It all started when I was little and my elder sister borrowed a friend’s guitar. Out of curiosity, I took the guitar myself (which at that time seemed bigger than me). After I plucked the first string, I just started terrorizing my sister. A day later I was sure to love it. For six years afterwards I wanted a guitar, until one winter, when my dream came true, on my birthday. She bought me an sw201bk Stagg guitar, which I called “Zdranga Zdranga ".
   On the first month I would fall asleep with the guitar in my arms every night, and felt like I could finally express what I feel, after a long time… it was “my voice” indeed. A few months I was isolating myself from others while playing the guitar, like I was escaping to the reality I was creating by myself.
Now, when I’m upset, the only thing that helps and never lets me down is my guitar.

joi, 18 august 2011

Few words about me.

I've been following some blogs for a long time and I really wanted to create my own so I decided and here I am.
This blog is not a simple blog is gonna be a own space where I can express myself and show what I like.
The principal topics will be those that I have always appreciated : fashion , guitar, photography , travel , animals and life style ; With the intention of making you part of all this. 
 It is my first blog so please be gentle.
About me? My name is Nicole.. I’m from Romania.