vineri, 30 decembrie 2011


Hi everyone!
I spent these last few days at my parents countryside home. 
It was very cold so I preferred to read, play with my cat and sleep.

 I was in the mood for wearing something comfortable and warm, so I didn’t really think about the appearance. Basically I just layered every cloth I had there with me!

                                [ A wonderful view]

                                                     [ lazy cat :)) ]

                                                   [The book that I finish it - ENDYMUIN SPRING - ]

                                                                   [my comfortable and warm cloth]  
  I hope you like! Kisses, Nicღle

luni, 26 decembrie 2011


So many things have happened!! I have many things to share ...

Today I make a promise that I will post something at least one every two days.

 Show you some pictures better!

Peaceful and relaxing christmas day to all of you!