vineri, 30 decembrie 2011


Hi everyone!
I spent these last few days at my parents countryside home. 
It was very cold so I preferred to read, play with my cat and sleep.

 I was in the mood for wearing something comfortable and warm, so I didn’t really think about the appearance. Basically I just layered every cloth I had there with me!

                                [ A wonderful view]

                                                     [ lazy cat :)) ]

                                                   [The book that I finish it - ENDYMUIN SPRING - ]

                                                                   [my comfortable and warm cloth]  
  I hope you like! Kisses, Nicღle

luni, 26 decembrie 2011


So many things have happened!! I have many things to share ...

Today I make a promise that I will post something at least one every two days.

 Show you some pictures better!

Peaceful and relaxing christmas day to all of you! 

luni, 31 octombrie 2011


Hi! I'm sorry that "I disappeared" for a while!
I was a bit busy with everything happening around me.
Saturday I visited my sister and I went to the botanical garden.As I said I love autumn! And I enjoyed every moment!
I'll show you some pictures!
Kisses, Nicღle!

miercuri, 5 octombrie 2011

Like a fairytale!

What have I done in all that time?

Well in September I attended my cousin's wedding, as bridesmaids!
Here in Romania wedding go on a full day! It is very tiring but beautiful!
All I want to say is it was very nice!

And they were gorgeous!
It looked like a fairytale!
Better not say more but I will show you some pictures!
What do you think?

duminică, 2 octombrie 2011

I'm back!

 Sorry I have not posted anything But I was busy with school, family and friends !
Today I went with some friends to walk, here is very cold. Autumn came from all points of view!

vineri, 9 septembrie 2011

Porcelain Dolls !

 Maybe you will think that is stupid but I love porcelain dolls ! 
I also have some porcelain dolls ! So I searched the Internet when and where they were created first and I found something very interesting :
"In 1770 was when the first dolls were made but they were only the heads and they were made in Cornwall, England. The doll makers of England created these porcelain doll heads to have molded hair as well as the eyes, teeth and ears and even a tongue. The teeth of the dolls head were glued into the mouth.

The first shoulder head dolls were made in Germany. And they made the porcelain glossy so to make the dolls image look real. So England started the trend that went through out the world and every country put their own touch on them until they have become what they are today. "

 This is my yesterday outfit, I hope you like it!

luni, 5 septembrie 2011

Hi !!!

I feel like days are going by so fast, can’t believe this vacation is almost ready.
The last few days I was pretty busy with my family and I put my thoughts in order and tried to pass over many things.
Today I was in a good mood so I decided to go outside and take some pictures with my best friend.
This is my today’s outfit which is very simple but i love it !

 I hope you like my outfit too!!                                

miercuri, 24 august 2011

My first guitar !

        It all started when I was little and my elder sister borrowed a friend’s guitar. Out of curiosity, I took the guitar myself (which at that time seemed bigger than me). After I plucked the first string, I just started terrorizing my sister. A day later I was sure to love it. For six years afterwards I wanted a guitar, until one winter, when my dream came true, on my birthday. She bought me an sw201bk Stagg guitar, which I called “Zdranga Zdranga ".
   On the first month I would fall asleep with the guitar in my arms every night, and felt like I could finally express what I feel, after a long time… it was “my voice” indeed. A few months I was isolating myself from others while playing the guitar, like I was escaping to the reality I was creating by myself.
Now, when I’m upset, the only thing that helps and never lets me down is my guitar.

joi, 18 august 2011

Few words about me.

I've been following some blogs for a long time and I really wanted to create my own so I decided and here I am.
This blog is not a simple blog is gonna be a own space where I can express myself and show what I like.
The principal topics will be those that I have always appreciated : fashion , guitar, photography , travel , animals and life style ; With the intention of making you part of all this. 
 It is my first blog so please be gentle.
About me? My name is Nicole.. I’m from Romania.